ⓘ Jalur Utama Kansai

Jalur Utama Kansai

ⓘ Jalur Utama Kansai

Jalur Utama Kansai nyaéta jalur kareta di Jepang nu ngahubungkeun Stasion Nagoya jeung JR Namba Station di Osaka. Dioperasikeun babarengan ku Central Japan Railway Company jeung West Japan Railway Company nu wates antara kaduana di Kameyama Station di Kameyama, Préféktur Mie.

Bagéan ti Kamo Station ka JR Namba Station disebutna Yamatoji Line.

Dumasar kana ngaranna, sapanjang jalur ieu lolobana kareta lokal tur taya jalur ekspress.


1. Stasion-stasion

JR Central Nagoya - Kameyama

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  • Kareta lokal eureun di unggal stasion.
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  • s: Ngan Rapid "Mie 52" eureun

JR West Kamo - JR Namba

See the Yamatoji Line article for the list of stations on this segment.
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