ⓘ Stasion Maibara

Stasion Maibara

ⓘ Stasion Maibara

Stasion Maibara nyaéta stasion kareta di Maibara, Préféktur Shiga, Jepang. Stasion ieu tungtung kaler keur West Japan Railway Company Jalur Utama Hokuriku, saerta water kontrol antara JR West jeung JR Central di Jalur Utama Tōkaidō.

Stasion ieu dibuka taun 1889. Saprak taun 1987, dioperasikeun ku JR West, sanajan kitu JR Central administratur keur trek Shinkansen.


1. Jalur

  • Tōkaidō Shinkansen
  • Jalur Utama Tōkaidō
  • Central Japan Railway Company JR Central
  • Jalur Utama Hokuriku
  • Jalur Utama Tōkaidō Biwako Line
  • West Japan Railway Company JR West
  • Main Line
  • Ohmi Railway

2. Layout


  • Aya 3 island platform keur 6 trek keur Jalur Tōkaidō jeung Jalur Hokuriku. Aya hiji island platform, hiji side platform 5 trek keur Tōkaidō Shinkansen.
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